Principal Architect

VMG Architects is inherits its name and it’s thirst for iconic architecture from it’s founder, Venkatesh M.G. His 22 years of expertise is accented by his desire for crafting architecture that creates a lasting identity for the community that receives his work.
Though his career is studded with success today, it started out just like any other. A graduate in architecture from MCE, Hassan, Venkatesh was very much thrown into the deep end when he was commissioned to design the ‘Vivek Residence’ in the homely neighbourhood of Malleswaram in Bangalore. The design called for a stone walled facade, the likes of which were not seen for many years. On his quest to revive the use of stone in his first major creation, Venkatesh was forced to innovate as the stone quarries of the Nineties no longer produced the stones he required.
This ‘no-compromise’ approach runs through the veins of his firm to this day. Venkatesh exudes an unspoken passion for creating structures that not only work perfectly, but also instill a feeling of pride and belonging.
This can be seen in what is thought of to be two of Venkatesh’s masterpieces. Namely, the Shamili Inn at the coastal town Udupi and the UVA Meridian at Kundapur. These two convention centers came to capture the imaginations of every person on the western coast of the state of Karnataka. Not only did people begin to identify themselves with these two path-breaking buildings, they also developed a sense of pride for their place of residence.

Venkatesh has never been one to rest on laurels though. To this day, his objective for every requirement, big or small, is to create something within the parameters that is functional yet fantastic.