The philosophy behind our work is set on 5 foundational pillars.



“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” – Henry Ford


Great work only happens when there’s a very fundamental understanding of what is required. So, VMG Architects believes in forging partnerships with its clients and not just in performing services. VMG empathetically endeavours to understand the aspirations of the client with every job.



“Art demands constant observation” - Vincent van Gogh


An impactful creation requires an insightful vision. VMG strives to understand what kind of creation would make a mark while being thoroughly practical. It does so through a keen observation of the site and of what is needed by the client.



“Each new situation requires a new architecture” – Jean Nouvel


No two places on this Earth are the same. Add to this, the differing mindsets and proclivities of organizations and people, and one can safely draw the conclusion that no two buildings should be the same. It is for this reason that VMG believes in having a narrative to everything it creates - A story where the building created for the client plays the main role.



“Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication” - Da Vinci


The grandest of aspirations are realized by VMG with a minimalist yet empathetic approach to the problem. The designs are as efficient as possible while adhering wholly to what is required. It’s the simplest designs that speak loudest while serving its purpose in the best possible way.



“Details make the design” - Charles Eames


Excellence is a trait that’s found in the most minute of details. A conscientious approach and ceaseless focus from the beginning to the end is what makes every VMG creation an iconic one.




VMG Architects is a bold and innovative architectural design consultancy that is driven to achieve total customer delight by creating buildings that are iconic in every sense of the word. The goal with every project at VMG Architects is not to just create a building that serves the purpose, but rather to create a truly iconic addition to the skyline.

What brings VMG Architects’ vision to fruition every time is a team of highly capable individuals whose skills fit perfectly in the jigsaw. Open communication channels with every member of the organization leads to a deep understanding of the client’s needs while opening up a fertile breeding ground for ideas. Moreover, a watchful eye on the quality at every step of the way ensures that ideas are nurtured and allowed to mature to their fullest potential.


As an organization, VMG firmly believes that its track record is a consequence of it’s good willed and free spirited approach to work. To this end, the objectives of the team have been set in stone from the beginning.



To deliver nothing short of a 100% on every project, irrespective of the time, cost and brief.

To make customer satisfaction a given.

To be completely transparent with the customer on every aspect of our interactions with them.

To ensure no less than eight hours of training per employee every year.


Quality is what quality does

The raison d'etre of VMG Architects is to create iconic architecture. We are interested in work that speaks for itself, because we view every brief as an opportunity to excel. Everything we create is built to contribute to its surroundings while enriching the lives of the people within. So naturally, our culture and process is aligned towards this goal.



The VMG Way

Open communication is the cornerstone of the VMG way. We share ideas and work together in perfect synchronicity, because it is only with a unified approach that true excellence can be achieved in every project we undertake.

Our design team works hand-in-hand with our prototyping and visualizing team in a refreshing workshop-style experience. Every design is brought to life by the in-house model making team and by a 3d visualizer before finalizing the designs that are to be presented.



To work with us is to truly understand our ways. We encourage you to explore our philosophy and process to gain an insight into what your workflow would be like.