About Us

VMG Architects is an architectural design consultancy that creates structures that aren’t just efficient, but are also a work of art. This winning combination of utility and artistry has led to a long list of successful architecture and interior design projects for various disciplines and geographies across Asia.


A track record as substantial as this has only been possible thanks to a fundamental and uncompromising approach to design and a deep understanding of the client’s requirements from the very beginning of every project. Total commitment to the canvas provided, as well as the cost and time parameters result in the best possible designs. No project is too big or too small, and every project is an opportunity to redefine the identity of its location.


Naturally, such lofty goals call for a pragmatic approach coupled with a clear understanding of the desired significance and emotional value of the creation. In doing so, aspiration becomes something that is well within reach and every creation becomes an iconic index of its time and place.